What if 2016 Never Happened?

What if we could rewrite SKIP 2016?  I’d be onboard in a heartbeat! Writers have a rare gift and it is one that CAN change the world. Consider this: If you could replay that year, create an alternate history for 2016, what would you change in your life? What would you change in your world? A single event, a single comment, just one person’s slip-up (or stepping up) could change the course of the whole year. It could change the entire course of history!


One of my writer/clients, Daniel Rosenberg, proposed that kind of “what if” for his book “The Towers Still Stand” just released. With a background as a writer for the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, he has seen the pulse of our world change from arosenbergbook single event. He played out the events of 2001 and created an alternate history in which the terrorists of that dreadful 9-11 horror made one mistake: they had tried but failed.

Then Daniel considered what if only one person in our government recognized that a mid-air collision of two planes was actually part of a terrorist plot? And what if the terrorists were just waiting for the next window of opportunity? How different would our country’s mind-set be today and how vulnerable would we be to an even worse second attempt?

The result is a thrilling alternate history adventure.

Congratulations, Daniel, for getting your book in print! Your book is a reminder to readers and writers that history pivots on single actions every day. One change, one word, and the course of history can be altered.


Consider how important–and pivotal–every action you take TODAY can be. It can change the course of the future for you, your family and our world. Talk about powerful!

Maybe this is why I love science fiction so much–it takes the foundations of what we know about science and our world and catapults it into the future with, usually, amazing results.

And, just maybe, these visions of the future DO reflect what WILL happen. George Orwell’s 1984 predicted many things that came to true and some that still may. Thankfully his bleak outcome isn’t true in our present day world. But … what if ….

Enjoy writing alternate history events and explore the alternatives we have open for our future. Writing is both an exercise in creativity AND an explorations of real possibilities!

For me, yeah, I’d like a re-do on 2016. We can’t have that (drat!), but we can explore alternate histories for any event. Take a real historical fact and turn it sideways with a single creative change. There is power at the tips of your fingers.

Consider how important–and pivotal–every action you take TODAY can be. It can change the course of the future for you, your family and our world. Talk about powerful!


Enjoy 2017–let’s make it even better than 2016!

Share what YOU would change; add a comment below.

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This is your time to write.  The future of your book is in your hands.

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