600+ Shares – How Networking Works!

Networking works!

What does it take to be a successful writer? The same thing it takes for anyone in any business (and writing IS a business!) to get noticed.

  • A desirable product
  • A plan for action
  • Networking

Case in point: I wrote an article for Write to Done in March and I asked everyone on my subscriber list and personal client list to take a look at it, post a comment, and share it.

The result?

  • Over 600 shares in only 3 months!
  • The article became one of that online magazine’s most popular
  • It brought me new subscribers and readers
  • And the editor asked me for another article!

That new article just came out:


Article in Write to Done http://writetodone.com/complete-series

Which is how networking works and why writing a series is such a brilliant path for writers: it lets you write multiple stories, meaning you have multiple times to attract readers and–with networking–you have more times and reasons to spread the word about your on-going series!

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