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Alert: The Gamble AFTER Readers Buy Your Book—and How to Be a Winner

What happens to your book AFTER it’s purchased? Huh? Why should you care? Publishers now DO care—and make decisions on marketing based on how readers read books!  Too many writers concentrate only on: a colorful cover  clever title and hot action on…
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Your Writer’s Blog to Book Ecosystem

Take a lesson from Harvard Business—without attending classes—and you can have a leg up on your writing competition. Writers need to know what to do BEFORE they write. Becoming a writer is more than just learning the steps to writing…
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Elevator Pitches – Summer Conference Mistakes!

It’s time for the infamous Summer Writing Conferences! Stellar speakers, anxious agents, popular publishers and the masses of winsome writers. (I’m feeling alliterative today!) The fact is that I’ve been to numerous conferences, back when I was actively writing versus…
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