How to Escape Your Life, Live in Paradise, and Rule the World

Too good to be true? Not if you’re a writer.  And not only if you write the next great blockbuster. Enjoy the multiple benefits of being a writer RIGHT NOW!  Writers have advantages that people in NO other profession can enjoy.

The greatest of them is to escape. Can’t deal with another day at your “regular” job? Being a writer you have the capability of creating a different world, one where a better life can be available to all of us.

Can’t tolerate the madness of another political debate? Write about our country as it would be with leaders and activists that you CAN tolerate.

Just need a !@#$% break? Map out a path in a story that brings a sun-drenched beach under your feet and a fruited beverage into your hands.


That’s all for this time–just know:

  • You ARE meant to be a writer
  • Nothing can be more POWERFUL AND EXHILARATING as writing
  • There is no higher calling than to be a writer who can whisk others into your better world (they TOO like to escape!)

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