The 3-letter Word That Saves A Writer’s Sanity

Are We There Yet?
You aren’t alone: Every writer has lamented how long it takes to write a book. And then get it published.

As humans we set goals (which is admirable) and fail to reach them time and again (I DID say we are human!). Then we whip ourselves about the shoulders, toss and turn in bed, and generally dry up our creative juices, worrying over “when will I ever reach ‘The End’?”

This kind of worry is like a free fall. It’s exhilarating (aka scary) enough if you know you’re going to fall into a net.  It’s paralyzing, though, if you think there’s NO net to fall into.


Maybe you don’t know how the murderer will get caught or the alien discovered or the main character will grow. Or how you’ll find that right agent or interested publisher. Or negotiate the complex aspects of self-publishing. But when you say “I don’t know what to do,” you’re reinforcing the idea that you DON’T know. That you WON’T know.

And that’s where the paralysis comes in.  So, of course, you can’t move forward!  Some call that Writer’s Block.

The Secret “Yet” Net:
But there is a simple solution: the “yet” net.

Here is how it works:  When you need to write the next scene, or find that marketing venue or publisher, and you don’t have a clue how that’s going to happen YET, remember that you ARE going to make it happen. You WILL figure it out. You’re going to do SOMETHING eventually. You just haven’t figured out exactly what YET.

That one word — YET — can make all the difference! As an author you craft words carefully all the time to reach readers. So craft your inner answers to yourself strategically as well! Give your subconscious that beloved safety “YET” net and plunge headlong into writing … and fly free.

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